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Embracing Geomatics for Success in Urban Air Mobility

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

James Ford, Director, NEXA Capital Partners, LLC

Phil Dyment, Director, UAM Geomatics, LLC

Daniel Miller, Senior Analyst, UAM Geomatics, LLC

In the rapidly evolving world of urban air mobility, how does the future meet the present? How does our society transform from the now—the astonishing electric vehicle prototypes, the conferences and summits, the thousand-and-one speculations—into that future of highways in the sky, the future we clearly know is on the way? It is a crucial question, not just for societal benefits—reduced congestion, greater mobility for those who crave it, scientific and technical jobs, and tax revenues—but also because billions of investment dollars are riding on it. To a large extent, that leap into the future rests on geomatics.

What is Geomatics?

The effective preparation and use of geographic information systems will be critical to the planning, execution, and refinement of the urban air mobility industry.  Enter geomatics, the discipline concerned with the collection, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, and presentation of geographic data or geographic information.  Geomatics will be pivotal to all industry stakeholders as they form their UAM strategies, whether they are creating policy for urban areas, identifying locations for vertiports and related infrastructure, or planning routes that are aligned with noise restrictions and other constraints.

Our New Subsidiary

Urban Air Mobility Geomatics, LLC (“UAMG”) was created as a sister company of NEXA Capital Partners and NEXA Advisors, based on the urban air mobility need and interests of public and private stakeholders.  NEXA discovered that cities, manufacturers, and investors alike are ready to put capital to work yet lack a business plan and deeper understanding of the market opportunity to minimize risks while maximizing utility.  UAMG has analyzed the market potential in 74 Global Cities, and our work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vertical Daily News, and Business Insider  Now, UAMG is expanding its approach even further and helping clients on increasingly complex challenges and business cases.

At Urban Air Mobility Geomatics, LLC, we leverage our expertise to understand current and future market environments for urban air mobility, identifying markets for investment and projected timelines for operations to begin across multiple mission types.  Furthermore, we use geomatics to assist clients with market feasibility studies, developing operational models and strategic planning purposes.  We use ArcGIS, a geographic information system developed by Esri, to aggregate information and analyze data sets with incredible accuracy and precision, allowing us to showcase street-level data across huge metropolitan areas around the world.



We have partnered with BlueRaster, a four-time Esri Worldwide Partner of the Year, to fully realize the power of ArcGIS, helping us move beyond dots on a map.  With BlueRaster, we can provide advanced network analysis, create tunnels in space, plan routes through urban canyons, and much, much more.  Together, our capabilities allow us to provide full-service consulting to governments and aerospace companies seeking to understand the urban air mobility industry and how it can be best approached for operational efficacy and profitability.

Let Us Help

In this field of tremendous potential, there are more questions than answers. What are the best initial investment opportunities? What infrastructure will be needed? How should new policy be developed and implemented? These questions are too complex to be taken on alone. Luckily, UAMG is rooted in over 30 years of aerospace and business aviation expertise, having helped countless clients large and small navigate unique aviation challenges with ease.  Contact us today by e-mail at or give us a call at 202-499-5070 to discuss your challenges and learn how we can help.

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