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For Vertiport Designers

Our Study provides an extensive database of existing heliports globally. More than a thousand of them do not appear on any government list; our team discovered them by using satellite imaging to zoom into every square block of the 92 cities we examined. Many heliports are no longer in service—perhaps due to noise concerns and community objections--but could be retrofitted at a modest price to serve as vertiports for quieter, safer eVTOL aircraft. 

We have divided vertiport configuration into five categories:

  • Remediation of existing heliports

  • The conversion of airport heliports to vertiports

  • The remediation of currently serviced heliports

  • The addition of recharging/refueling stations

We provide extensive upstream and downstream ground infrastructure supply chains of several hundred companies, as well as regulatory roadmaps for vertiport design and construction.

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