The report has been researched and written to accelerate investment into UAM markets.  City by city.  For infrastructure funds, vehicle manufacturers, CNS/ATM developers and most importantly, future eVTOL operators serving the flying public.



This study is a groundbreaking investigation into how the future meets the present.  How does our society transform from the now—the astonishing electric vehicle prototypes, the conferences and summits, the thousand-and-one speculations—into that future of highways in the sky, the future we clearly know is on the way?  It is a crucial question, not just for societal benefits—reduced congestion, greater mobility for those who crave it, scientific and technical jobs, and tax revenues—but also because billions of investment dollars are riding on it.

ArcGIS Analysis

Who will first fly eVTOL aircraft? We take a hard look at the transitioning of current helicopter routes to eVTOL aircraft, emergency/medical rescue, business aviation, airport to airport shuttles, and knowledge essential to any UAM business development strategy.

Distinguishing First

UAM Users

New Infrastructure Will Be Key to UAM viability: vertiports, UATM infrastructure service, passenger facilities, lighting and weather systems, airspace planning, and certification. How much will this cost? How many vertiports will each city require in the next five to twenty years and how will they be phased in? How much existing infrastructure—such as helipads and heliports—already exists in each city? Where will new vertiports be built? Who will pay for infrastructure, and how will investors recoup their investment?

Recognizing Infrastructure Needs

Before investing in any aspect of UAM, the prudent investor must understand obstacles in the path of a large-scale city-wide operation. Technological developments, such as vehicle design, longer-lasting batteries, and hydrogen cells, are just one concern. How will the burgeoning UAM industry deal with regulatory barriers, safety, noise, privacy, and public perception?

Understanding Obstacles and

How to Overcome Them

Before cities agree to provide the space for vertiports and regulatory framework for eVTOL flights, they must understand the social and economic advantages such as reduced congestion, jobs, new industries, and tax revenues. Our City Sponsors receive in-depth analysis of their unique urban landscape, with tailored information “content in context.”

With over 60 data layers, our interactive city data sets allow subscribers to analyze their own investment opportunities and business case, an unparalleled tool in today’s emerging UAM market. In addition, sponsors may request information on specific areas of particular interest.  Our data sets will be constantly updated and available to subscribers without further cost for the next 5 years.

Advantages for Cities

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